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Brit Care Cat Fillets in Jelly with Savory Salmon 85g for Kitten (24 Pouches)

By: Brit Care

Product Code: 104100537 Carton (24 Pouches)

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Fillets in Jelly with Savory Salmon enriched with Carrot & Rosemary. Complete superpremium wet food for Kittens.

Delicate pouches for increasing the diversity of your cat’s diet, perfect for extra picky cats and cats with issues eating food. To make your cat’s belly feel even better, they also contain rosemary and carrots to support proper digestion.

  • Grain-Free formula
  • 85% meat in fillets
  • Flavour appeal
  • Carrot and Rosemary for healthy digestion
  • NO GMO – NO Soy – NO added Sugar

Variants : 0.085 kg

Composition: 85% meat in fillets (62% chicken, 15% liver, 8% salmon), broth, 3 % carrot, 0.5 % rosemary, minerals, pea starch.

Analytical ingredients: crude protein 9.0%, crude fat 4.5%, crude fibres 0.5%, crude ash 2.0%, moisture 82.0%, calcium 0.25%, phosphorus 0.2%, sodium 0.3%.

Nutritional composition: vitamin D3 (E671) 280 I.U., vitamin E (3a700) 160 mg, biotin (3a880) 0.8 mg, zinc (3b606) 15 mg, manganese (3b502) 4 mg, iron (3b103) 12 mg, copper (3b405) 0.5 mg, iodine (3b201) 0.8 mg, taurine (3a370) 600 mg. Contains natural antioxidants: tocopherol extracts from vegetable oil (1b306), ascorbyl palmitate (1b304) and rosemary extract.

Metabolizable energy: 840 kcal/kg.