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Why It’s Worth Having Your Dog Professionally Groomed

Although many dog owners prefer to groom their dogs on their own, getting your pets professionally groomed does not only save you time and energy, it is actually beneficial for your dog!
Many have the impression that only dogs with longer coats or show dogs require professional grooming. However, that’s not true! Each and every dog should get groomed by a professional groomer at least once every 6 weeks, whether it’s a basic groom and full groom. This will not only help it look its best but also feel its best.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should opt to book a session with the groomers:

1.    They Have the Right Tools

Professional groomers are equipped with the rest tools to get your dog looking his best from nose to tail! From an adjustable grooming table, to all kinds of clipping tools for the correct part of the body, your dog is in safe hands. You certainly don’t want to use your own scissors and razors that may not be meant for a certain part of their body! You could unintentionally hurt them.
Groomers are also armed with shampoos and treatments for your dog who could be suffering from skin allergies, fleas and ticks or any irritations. If you’re not familiar with them, you might use shampoos or conditioners that could damage your dog’s coat.

2.    They Know How to Handle Your Dogs

Every dog who goes to the groomers definitely suffers from the jitters! Fret not, professional groomers are properly trained and certified to handle and groom your doggo. For dogs that are older or become anxious and aggressive whenever you try to groom them, it can be quite a task (and also risky to you and your dog) to do it yourself. When handling your dog, your groomer may also spot a concerning lump or injury that you may not have noticed.
Professional groomers know exactly how to manage health issues, anxiety, and aggression. They also have the proper equipment, paired with the proper training to ensure the safest way for your dog to be groomed.
Another yucky process pawrents tend to overlook is the cleaning of ear. It is important in preventing ear infections. Professional groomers will remove all the gunk and dirt build-up as well as excess hair.

3.    They Get Down and Dirty

Things like thoroughly cleaning anal glands are one of those nasty processes that is better left for the groomers! It is also important that this is done by someone who has been trained how to do so. Anal glands are cleaned by releasing the anal gland fluid in order to prevent a blockage.  

Improper pressure on an impaction can cause a rupture and painful complications for your dog if done wrongly.

4.    Fewer Visits To The Vet

 Frequent visits to your groomer could mean that common health problems such as dental problems, ear infections, skin conditions or detection of any lumps can be caught early on or be prevented. The groomer is trained to get all of the undercoat out during their time with the dog. And by doing so, it allows the skin to breathe, removes dander and reduces possibility of hot spots. This could potentially save you an expensive visit to the vet!

5.    Saves You Time and Energy

Grooming a dog on your own can be very time-consuming especially if your pooch doesn’t like to stay still. Additionally, the mess made is another headache. You may even end up spending a few more hours cleaning up your bathroom or utility area to remove pet hair, water, soap and much more.

Now that we’ve laid out the benefits of getting your dog professionally groomed. Think about it, a healthy body promotes a happy state of mind for your doggo. Just like humans, we bet they feel great and clean after a good grooming. Professional grooming is not just a luxury for privileged pooches, it’s a basic necessity for every furkid!

Grooming at Pet Master

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