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Catlink Cat Automatic Litter Box Young Scooper

By: Catlink

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Pick up this Catlink Young Automatic Cat Litter Box for a dependable automatic litter box that gets the job done. This litter box is popular with cat owners for a reason: it eliminates waste automatically, so you won't have to scoop, clean, or refill it for weeks. All you have to do is plug it into an available outlet and choose if you want the cleaning cycle to begin when it detects your cat leaving the box. It also includes an activated carbon filter, which absorbs and eliminates litter odours, moulds, and contaminants from the waste container.

Benefits and Features

  • It contains 4 gravity sensors that automatically stop the machine's rotation when a cat is present.
  • The double Anti-Pinch design detects blockages or objects, which results in it reversing the cycle to prevent your cats from getting stuck.
  • The Anti-Down Triangle design especially prevents the machine from getting tipped over.
  • The ventilated structure prevents your kittens from getting suffocated if they accidentally fall in and get stuck.
  • The panel lock feature allows you to securely lock the box in place, which makes it safe for kids at home and prevents them from playing with the SCOOPER.
  • Convenient for both cat owners and cats. The huge interior space provides a good toileting experience for cats.
  • Suitable for cats weighing from 1.5kg up to 10kg.
  • The 13L oversized waste drawer is enough to meet the needs of the pet owner for short trips.
  • It comes with a three-pin plug that is compatible with Singapore’s power outlets
  • 3 months warranty 
  • Note: This version is not wi-fi enabled

Before use

  • Please make sure that the litter box is placed on a flat floor. DO NOT lean against any objects. DO NOT place any objects on top of the unit.
  • The cat litter box performs a self-test every time is plugged in. DO NOT touch the machine or buttons during this process.


  • Auto mode: The device will automatically start the cleaning process 3 minutes after the cat leaves the litter box (default wait time). Wait time can be set.
  • Manual mode: The device will start the cleaning process after pressing the play button.
  • Empty mode: The device will start emptying all cat litter inside the ball cabin.

When do you need to clean up
Please empty the waste box when the error indicator is blinking, which means the box is full.

Package Size :  60x58x71cm

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