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Zolux Cat Toy Ethicat Cuddling Leaves

By: Zolux

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Zolux Cat toy ETHICAT bigcat leaves
A new range of ecological toys ZOLUX Ethi'Cat
There are two distinct product lines within the range:

  • toys made of recycled materials (based on fabrics and cardboard)
  • toys made of 100% natural materials (based on rattan and matatabi)

Zolux Ethi'Cat toys have ecological packaging created out of concern for the good of the planet. Their labels are recycled and small in size to minimize the amount of materials used in their creation. They are transported in 100% recycled plastic bags. Thanks to this, during their production, it was possible to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment by over 50%.
The ZOLUX Ethi'Cat big cat toy will provide the cat with attractive entertainment for a long time and will contribute to deepening its bond with the guardian. It is made of a soft, plush fabric, decorated with a leaf motif on one side and has been soaked in catnip, which positively stimulates the animal's senses, encouraging them to be more active. The toy can both make the moments spent together with the guardian more pleasant for the pet, and bring him a lot of joy when playing alone (or with another animal). It is also suitable for rest, because due to its size, it can be used as a pillow or a mascot for the cat.

  • for cats of all species
  • soaked in catnip that makes the animal euphoric
  • ecological packaging and materials (recycled polyester - including filling, threads, decorations)

dimensions: 72x51x250 mm


About Zolux

About Zolux

More than just another pet lifestyle brand, ZOLUX is an experience. ZOLUX is a family-owned business based in France that operates with enthusiasm and dynamism in the pet industry. The team is inspired by the love of their work and the unrelenting need for inspiration with over 80 years of experience, making ZOLUX a key player in the pet industry. A multi-specialist designer of all cat and dog lifestyle products like pet carrier, food and water dispenser, harness, etc. ZOLUX is committed to supplying all pet families in the world with aesthetically-pleasing and enduring pet products.

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