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Sunrise Dog Treats Chicken Wrapped Tiny Biscuits With Vegetable 50g

By: Sunrise

Product Code: 940385


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Small and cute biscuits filled with vitamins and vegetables is wrapped around the dog’s favourite fillet. This small and cute snack makes it easy for dogs with small mouth to eat!

raw materials

Meat (chicken fillet, etc.), grains (wheat flour, etc.), sugars, starches, vegetables (carrots, spinach, etc.), oils and fats, milk (skimmed milk powder), thickening agent (glycerin), swelling agent, fragrance, preservative (sodium dehydroacetate), antioxidant (vitamin E)

nutritional content

Protein: 13.0% or more, Lipid: 2.5% or more, Crude fiber: 2.0% or less, Ash: 3.0% or less, Moisture: 20.0% or less

energy :  325 kcal (per 100g) / capacity :  50g