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Zolux Dog Toy Maxou Plush Teddy Cuddly Grey

By: Zolux

Product Code: 480165GRI

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The main function of toys is to stimulate the dog mentally and emotionally and to allow him to chew. Playing with these types of objects can also be an important factor in modifying undesirable behavior. "Maxou" toys have rustling elements that stimulate the dog's senses and plastic elements that help young dogs cope with the charms of growing teeth and satisfy the natural need to chew.

- the interior of the toy is made entirely of 100% recycled polyester
- the collection is intended for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages
- enables mental and physical stimulation, can be used as a tool to control and modify the animal's behavior
- rustling elements
- plastic elements acting as teethers
- available in four types, in two colors: orange and gray
- dimensions: 18 x 4.5 x 20 cm.


About Zolux

More than just another pet lifestyle brand, ZOLUX is an experience. ZOLUX is a family-owned business based in France that operates with enthusiasm and dynamism in the pet industry. The team is inspired by the love of their work and the unrelenting need for inspiration with over 80 years of experience, making ZOLUX a key player in the pet industry. A multi-specialist designer of all cat and dog lifestyle products like pet carrier, food and water dispenser, harness, etc. ZOLUX is committed to supplying all pet families in the world with aesthetically-pleasing and enduring pet products.

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